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140 emergency prescriptions, 170 policlinic prescriptions, 265 prospectuses, 20 intensive care informations, 19 clinical information notes, Adult-Pediatric drug doses and laboratory notes.

* Dermatology – Internal Medicine – Cardiology – Cardiovascular Surgery – Child Psychiatry – Psychiatry – General Surgery – Infection – Physical Therapy – Pediatrics – Gynecology – Otorhinolaryngology – Neurology – Orthopedics – Urology Give me directions.









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Indications, medicines equivalent medicines, doses, diagnostic and therapeutic methods, active ingredients, drug prices, clinical information / notes and these are researched with practicality.











My physician friends’ instantaneous non-intrusive orders will be much easier to bring to their minds thanks to programming. Drugs found on the market have
been included in the program by specifying their companies. It is purely informational.











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* Family physicians are a practical and practical program for newly started practitioners, specialist doctors, intensive care physician friends and pharmacist friends. The program is purely informational. You will write medicines to inform you about your clinical medical and informed.









* The program is updated until the end of the day. Do not forget to download updates as well. At the same time, other programs that contain all of these are not available on the market at this time. No internet required.
Legal: All the medicines in the Prescription Book are prescriptions created to help you set an example when writing with your own inspiration. We are not responsible for anything at all and we are responsible for nothing. It’s all your responsibility to use everything. It is forbidden to use non-doc friends. You are the doctor to use the program. This validity is deemed unacceptable. You have approved the purpose of downloading and using the program to confirm that “I am responsible for the diagnosis / diagnosis / treatment while using the program and the program”, “I can not be held responsible for any problems / problems that may arise.”

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